Online Dining Hall Surveys Hit Inboxes

It’s that time of semester again! Did you really enjoy the Simmons Macaroni and Cheese? How about the West Cosmo-Not? Was Pollack brunch not up to your standards? If any of these are true, or if you have any comments or concerns for Dining Services, fill out the Penn State Residential Dining Satisfaction Survey. It opened online today, and you can fill it out until April 6th. You should find a link to it in the inbox of your PSU mail account, but if you are too lazy to go check, you can click the instructions below.


Get this! If you aren’t motivated to fill out the survey from the kindness of your heart, to improve Penn State Residential Dining, if you complete the survey, you are entered into a random drawing to win one of four $50 Best Buy Gift Cards! Talk about awesome. Personally, I’m just glad they aren’t from Circuit City.

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