Bro Call: Another Successful Greek Week

greek-alphabetBrothers and sisters, I am in mourning, for as of yesterday, Greek Week 2009 has officially ended. But let’s just recap how sweet of a week it was!

On Monday I played kickball outside of the HUB lawn with all of my brothers. It was a MASSIVE game and a whole bunch of people showed up. Remember, we’re all Greek together! Then we got drunk.

Tuesday was Ultimate Frisbee day, my favorite. We tossed around the disc for a while and, when it got dark out, we got drunk.

Wednesday and Thursday were nights of mayhem. The new pledges came to clean the house, but right after they cleaned it, I would sneak behind them and throw a giant bucket of mud on the floor! I was ROFLing the whole night. The pledges and my other brothers didn’t think it was so funny, but we all still got drunk anyway.

I don’t really remember much of Friday or Saturday. I may have gotten drunk though.

I had a massive headache all day Sunday for whatever reason. I still attended some closing ceremonies, but I didn’t have time to get drunk. Gotta do some work every so often so I can stay in college, you know?

Anyway it was a fantastic week and a real display of Greek life at Penn State. I hope it’s even better next year. Now I just have to wait for next Thursday when my boy Asher Roth performs at Wallypalooza. Man I love college.

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