Wait, Didn’t We Just Have An Election?

Yes I know, it does seem like the last election was just yesterday (a year ago), and everyone’s once-every-couple-years quota of walking allllllll the way to the HUB to vote has been exhausted, but guess what? There’s another election coming up!

Now that I’ve used up MY quota of sarcastic introductions for the day, let’s get to the part of the article that actually matters. Tuesday night, the League of Women Voters held a debate for the various public officials whose names will be on the ballot on November 3rd.

Michael Madeira and Stacy Parks Miller
Michael Madeira and Stacy Parks Miller

Stacy Parks Miller and Michael Madeira (candidates for District Attorney) got the event started. Questions ranged from crime in Centre County, to experience, to how we can reduce repeat offenders.  While Madeira bragged about all he’s accomplished as the current DA, Stacy Parks Miller called for a DA who can provide leadership, and claimed that Centre County expects and deserves more.

In the mayoral debate, Elizabeth Goreham (facebook) discussed the issues with her opponent, Joe Wakeley.   Goreham talked about her relevant experience (she’s the current borough council president), leadership style, and her excitement to carry on the late mayor’s policies. Wakeley, on the other hand, seemed awkward and stiff, often failing to answer the question which was posed to him. He seemed unable to conjure up any recent experience and, when asked what makes him qualified to be mayor, responded “I’m a citizen of the United States. And I live in State College”.

Elizabeth Goreham and Joe Wakely
Elizabeth Goreham and Joe Wakely

Penn Stater Barrett Fisher was the lone student (and individual under age 40) running for elected office. Running for Borough council, Fisher appeared aggressive, calling the other candidates and members of the council “anti-student”. He repeatedly pointed out that State College is two-thirds students, and that he is the only candidate who is pro-student, an argument that fell largely on deaf (literally) ears.

I know that we’re all very anti-voting, being college students and all. Most of you will vote in the HUB, and would it really be that out of anyone’s way to look over the candidate’s websites and go out and vote on election day? These positions are really important to the community and affect all of our lives. Onward State is not just a rallying cry behind the Nittany Lion, it is a call to all of the town we live in. After all, we are all part of this community.

The debate and interviews with the candidates will be televised on C-NET. The election will be held on Tuesday, November 3, so please get out and vote.

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