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Apparently, radio still exists. This is news to me, as I’ve only used my radio recently to connect my iTrip to. I was pretty sure that video killed the radio star, but I was recently informed that that is not entirely true! In fact, not only does radio still exist, but we even have our own radio station at Penn State. I’m sure this is just as shocking to you, oh venerable reader of the blogosphere.

And apparently, this radio station, The LION 90.7 FM, is pretty good. Right now, they’re ranked 15th in a competition for glory as the number one college radio station across the country. Competing for a prestigious MTV Woodie award, The LION has worked its way from one of 300 to the top 15. Described by president Zach Zimbler as “a multi-format station, including classic rock, modern rock, talk radio, sports coverage, and more,” the LION has been a presence (if not sometimes controversial) since its creation on Halloween of 1995.

Well, you may be wondering, who listens to The LION? Excellent question (seriously, who listens to the radio anymore?!)…

1) Anyone too poor to have an iPod

2) Anyone too poor to have a CD player

3) Somewhat poor hipsters

4) Space men with anal probes

But seriously, it would be really great if The LION won this award, and you can help by going here and voting for WKPS before October 26th. It would be an admirable accomplishment and, as Zimbler says, “Winning a Woodie Award would certainly be an honor and bring attention to our station and our mission.” I’m getting a Woodie just thinking about it.

The LION 90.7fm is currently streaming online and over the airwaves on 90.7fm

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