A Webcam Section In Beaver Stadium for Online Students?

webcamNo, that’s not happening, but it seems like it would soon become an option with Penn State’s World Campus online course system seeing record levels of enrollment.

Never heard of it? Well it’s basically Penn State’s online campus for students who want to attend Penn State but for whatever crazy reason do NOT want to go to any of PSU’s Commonwealth Campuses. But it is useful, especially for adult learners, people outside of Pennsylvania, international students, or even students who want to go home for the summer but also need or want to take a summer course.

According to the CDT, World Campus enrollment this year has sky-rocketed to nearly 10,000 students, either in PA, across the country, or across the Atlantic (or Pacific).

That’s over twice the size of the Altoona campus’s undergraduate student population. So, if you have a job, or a kid, or military duty, or just don’t like Pennsylvania and would rather experience Penn State from your living room from wherever in the world (assuming you get the internet, obviously. Sorry, Antarctica [do they get internet there?]), you should check into World Campus for obtaining your college degree.


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