So Many Goals, So Little Time (and Policies)

EVPIFCDaniel Florencio, president of Zeta Psi, was recently elected as the Executive Vice President (EVP) of the Interfraternity Council (IFC) (I love acronyms, don’t you?). This comes following the election of Max Wendkos as president of the IFC. Florencio ran unopposed in this much-anticipated, winner-take-all election, and emerged the thrilled EVP-elect of one of the largest Greek-organizations in the country.

When asked of his goals, he stated that his main goal is to initiate more involvement in campus organizations from the Greek community. However, when asked of his policies, he said that he doesn’t have any in mind yet. Really? You ran for EVP of IFC with no specific M.O.?! OMG!

In all seriousness, is Greek involvement on campus really the number one concern of the IFC right now? I’d think they would be more concerned with implementing their new and slightly controversial social policy. I have a problem with an organization in which the only person who cares enough to run for elected office doesn’t set forth specific policies. Daniel, in the immortal words of John Lennon, “you say you’ve got a real solution? Well, you know we’d all love to see the plan.”


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Noah is an International Politics major minoring in French. Noah participates in the Mock Trial team, the Sailing Team, and is the president/founder of the Odyssey of the Mind club. Besides pushing the limit of what is journalistically acceptable, Noah enjoys long walks on the beach and football. In a previous lifetime he was William Wallace


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