Day: December 13, 2009

Good Luck From Onward State

From all of us here at Onward State, good luck on all your finals exams/projects/activities! Here’s a short timeline to get you excited: One more week until we can officially say goodbye to Fall 2009 Three weeks until the Capital One Bowl in sunny, beautiful Orlando Four weeks until the Spring 2010 semester begins Eighteen […]

Homecoming Exec Committee Announced

Ah, it’s so nice to be back at school after a long summer and see…wait, is that snow outside? It’s not the beginning of the school year? Apparently, someone needs to let the homecoming folks know that, as they’ve already announced the executive board and are ready to get started planning. Well I applaud for […]

It Wasn’t in Pattee, But…

While not scoring any points for originality, Penn State at least gets an A for effort in organizing its own finals rave, less than a week after James Madison hosted a similar event. Taking a cue from this Onward State post, one intrepid Penn State sophomore decided to take matters into his own hands organized […]