Homecoming Exec Committee Announced

Ah, it’s so nice to be back at school after a long summer and see…wait, is that snow outside? It’s not the beginning of the school year? Apparently, someone needs to let the homecoming folks know that, as they’ve already announced the executive board and are ready to get started planning. Well I applaud for their extreme lack of procrastination, this does seem a little early. Didn’t we just have a homecoming?

On the homecoming committee’s agenda is to pick a theme for next year’s parade, which will be announced at THON in February. After that, they’ll be picking committee captains, and committee members. After seeing this year’s theme, and several new events, I’m sure everyone will be anxious to see what the committee’s got in store for us. Some ideas:

  • Get back to our roots! Have an entirely pink and black homecoming in honor of our original colors.
  • Graham Spanier vs. Dean Brady in a sumo-suit battle royale.
  • A Homecoming rave in the HUB…with the lights out!
  • Get the sky to not rain on our parade.
  • Graham Spanier magic/musical show.
  • I’m not saying Valerie Plame wasn’t a good grand marshal, but how about an even better one for next year? With the largest alumni association in the country, I’m sure the committee can top that.
  • Official Homecoming sweater vests. Yeah. Everyone loves sweater vests. Let’s take it back from Jim Tressel.

Congratulations to next year’s Homecoming committee, and good luck on making the next Homecoming a success.


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