UPUA Dares To Do The Unthinkable – Get Something Done

candylandUPUA President Gavin Keirans had announced last month that the assembly was readying to implement a plan for overhauling the UPUA and student government. The termed 90-day plan is comprised of plans submitted from each committee within the UPUA that would seek to establish a stringent set of goals and objectives to be accomplished each week during the spring semester.

The plan would ultimately aim to achieve as many of the UPUA’s current goals as possible, including starting the UPUA Legal Services and the extended hours White Loop initiative. Members of the assembly hope that they will be able to create more policy that would give weight to their actions this year so that what they push through the assembly becomes a permanent part of UPUA policy.

With barely three months left before election sessions start up again, the proposed plan would lead the assembly to act as efficiently and as effectively as possible in order to best serve the Penn State student body in the short amount of time that they have left. Now if only our own government could do something like this and get health care bills out of Congress and out of our faces, get our economy back on track, and properly examine our foreign military engagements, well maybe the world would be a better place, like Candy Land. What about it, Mr. President?


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