No More Early Breaks?

Update 11:30: Well what do you know! Both we and the Collegian had this one wrong. No new policy was passed at Tuesday’s meeting. Rather, a resolution was passed that was meant to put on record the Senate’s “opposition to the early dismissal of classes by teaching staff for anything besides legitimate professional reasons,” according to Annemarie Mountz.

The original column is below in italics.

A new policy was passed on Tuesday by the University Faculty Senate which is now being moved to President Graham Spanier for approval. What is this new policy? To stop professors from canceling classes before break begins.

College of Liberal Arts Senator Dennis Gouran put it best when he said, “It is unprofessional behavior on the faculty’s behalf to cancel classes because they are simply giving themselves and students an early start home.”

So basically we now no longer have the Friday before break off (assuming this is passed, of course). I have not had the pleasure of having all my classes on Friday canceled, so I cannot leave for break early. Let me tell you, from firsthand, that these classes are ABSOLUTELY EMPTY(except for those in which we had a quiz).

This could change, assuming the bill is passed. Instead of having a class that is basically empty, we could possibly have a quiz or a test which would mandate our presence in class. This in turn interferes with how faculty run their classes and interferes with their ability to make class schedules. Students might just skip even if they know teachers are not canceling class before a break. I mean, students skip class during the regular school year and are well aware of the consequences.

Sam Loewner had the right idea, saying,”We’re for the spirit of classes because we’re paying for it, but this is not the place of the Senate to interfere with an individual to run his or her own class.” This is quite true. Students who skip class know the consequences. It is not as if they are playing truant like in high school. If faculty opts to hold a test or have a paper due that day (and believe me, they do), then it is our responsibility to be there in class.

So, have YOU had any experience of going to class on the Friday before break? What was it like? Please be specific!

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