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If you have ever tried buying some THON gear at THON then you know how busy this committee well and truly is. In the process of trying to buy a shirt (I still don’t have one. Can someone hook me up please? -Hasan) I met two members of a Merchandise committee – Justin Klaus and Adam Covino. They were kind enough to take some time out to give me an interview.

OS: What does your committee do?

Adam: We handle all the sales of THON related gear.

Justin: We hand out and separate all the shirts for all the committees. We organize all the THON-related merchandise since October.

OS: How long have you been involved with THON and why did you get involved?

Justin: This is my first year involved with THON. I joined so I could give back to the Penn State community.

Adam: This is my first year as well. I initially came as a freshman and saw how everyone comes together for such a great cause and knew I had to get involved.

OS: What is your favorite part about THON?

Adam: For me it has to be working with my committee. It is just such a great experience.

Justin: I have to agree.

OS: How long have you been here this weekend?

Adam and Justin: It has not been too bad for us this weekend. We have been here about 20 hours. Merchandise is not sold in the late nights.

OS: What song do you hope they play this weekend?

Justin: Down by Jay Sean. [laughs] They have played it probably 20 times this weekend.

Adam: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. (Hey! That’s in the line dance! – Hasan)

OS: How would you rate your dance skills?

Adam: Nothing short than a 10/10.

Justin: 11/10.

OS: What was the most awesome thing you have seen all weekend?

Justin: It has to be how happy the kids are. I saw kids on the floor running around and squirting EVERYONE with their squirt guns. Watching them laugh and smile – it’s just great.

Adam: It has to be the dance off competition at the Pep Rally.

OS: If you were a dinosaur, what kind would you be? And why?

Adam: Pteradactyl. It would be great to fly.

Justin: Velociraptor. I would be really quick. Definitely compliments my dance skills.

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