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Day: February 21, 2010

We Are…The Dancers (The Final Hours)

THON's 46 hours are coming to a close, and surprisingly the dance floor is still packed with dancers and the Bryce Jordan Center has officially closed its doors and a line has formed outside.

The situation behind the scenes, however, isn't as pretty and colorful as it is out on the floor. Dancers have been forced to quit due to exhaustion. Many are holding each other, crying on one another's shoulders for support as they battle the physical and mental toll that staying awake and on one's feet for 46 hours can have.

Committee Profile: Merchandise

If you have ever tried buying some THON gear at THON then you know how busy this committee well and truly is. In the process of trying to buy a shirt (I still don't have one. Can someone hook me up please? -Hasan) I met two members of a Merchandise committee - Justin Klaus and Adam Covino. They were kind enough to take some time out to give me an interview.

Read on to find out more...

Greek Profile: ΣΣΣ and ΖΨ

We caught up with Sarah Perrotto(THON chair for ΣΣΣ) and Eleanor Davidson (a very involved member of ΣΣΣ ) during the very hectic closing hours of THON and they were kind enough to take time out of their schedule to bring you this interview.

Check it out!

Commonwealth Spotlight: Harrisburg

I talked with Micah Victoria, who made the trip up from Harrisburg with his team to this year's THON.

Check it out!

Breakdancing at THON

What feels like forever ago, we blogged about a breakdance circle that came together on the floor towards the back of the BJC.

Cumberland Valley THON was lucky enough to get a video of the dancers as they were getting down.


Indie Spotlight: Pillar

I was intrigued by the signs from across the BJC that spelled out 'PILLAR,' so I decided to go talk with Executive Chair Christie Damato to see what Pillar was all about.

Check it out!

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