The Natty Nittany: The Executive Branch

What really pulled together President Ragland's look for me was the black framed glasses and the fit of his suit.
Colleen's bright yellow sweater made her hard to forget and the way she pulled together the rest of the outfit was perfect for the weather. I really dig the high-waist belt, and she picked a good pair of shoes too. I always say that you can tell someone thought thoroughly about their outfit by what shoes they choose. It's clear she thought about every item.

On election day, I ran into Colleen Smith taking a rest outside of the HUB. I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t know who she was, and still didn’t get the hint to when she told me “It’s been a long day.”  I saw Christian Ragland walking around and shaking hands, and I did recognize him, but little did I know that the girl I asked to photograph for The Natty Nittany was in fact his running mate.

Putting my PSU political ignorance aside, Christian and Colleen both looked great and, even without knowing who they were, I wanted to photograph them. I walked around all day thinking I’d see a girl looking very spring-stylish and, until I saw Colleen sitting outside the HUB, I hadn’t found someone that clearly thought about their outfit from head to toe. She dressed perfectly for the weather, and it was clear that she put a lot of thought into every piece of her outfit for that day.

Christian, of course, looked super fly in his suit, and I have to say it’s a breath of fresh air to see someone around here wearing a suit that actually fits them. Too many times have I seen guys walking to interviews or career fairs in suits that look like they either haven’t worn since the 8th grade dance, or that they just picked it right off of the rack, never seeing the eyes of a tailor. It was nice to see that these two candidates put some thought into the way they looked on election day, and I’m happy to say that I walked right into the HUB after photographing them and casted my vote for now President/VP Ragland and Smith.

Congratulations to Christian and Colleen! Who knows if their sartorial competence helped them to win the election, but it definitely got them my vote.

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