WPSU-FM to Host Live Panel on Drinking at PSU

WPSU-FM (an NPR radio station operating out of Penn State) will be hosting a forum called “Exploring Solutions to Drinking Culture” discussing the problem of underage and excessive drinking this Sunday, May 2nd at 7 P.M.  I know what you’re probably thinking: another forum talking about the problems of drinking and how we should fix them. If the community’s going to do something, shouldn’t they just do it? I thought the same thing, so I got in touch with Cynthia Berger, the Senior Producer of WPSU and the moderator of the forum.

While it may seem like there have been an excessive number of discussions on this topic, this is the third forum in a structured series of forums over the year. In November, the major problems were discussed. In March, there was another dialog to determine what the best course of action would be, and this forum is to detail any potential courses of action and how to undertake them.  One of the ideas that has been set forward is to raise the fines for underage or excessive drinking (which were set in the ’70s), although this is easier said than done. Any changes to these fines must occur at the state level, which means getting enough support with state legislators and pushing the changes through.

Participating in the forum will be:

  • Damon Sims, Vice President for Community Affairs, Penn State
  • Lou Ann Evans, Centre County Communities that Care
  • A representative from the Intrafraternity Council
  • Tom Kurtz, Assistant Manager for State College Borough
  • Chief Tom King, State College Police

I noticed that there was only one student on the panel, which I brought up with Ms. Berger.  She brought up the interesting point that it’s difficult to pick individuals to effectively represent an efficient cross-section of student life. As students, I want to hear what you have to say; which students should be involved in this forum? UPUA members? Frat members? Random partyers?

By putting the forum on the radio, WPSU is trying to engage a larger percentage of the community than in previous forums. Besides being broadcast on the radio, it will also be streaming online (http://wpsu.org). You can send questions via email ([email protected]), text message (814-422-3095) and live chat WPSU is opening their studio audience to the public. They’re located at Outreach Building in Innovation Park, and ask that any audience members arrive by 6:45 P.M.


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