OPP: The Beautification of Penn State

Details! That is what essentially all visual aesthetics of University Park rely upon. From impeccably-placed tulips in front of Old Main to visually stimulating architecture in every passing building, our campus is most definitely filled with details.

But who is responsible for Penn State’s alluring features? The Office of Physical Plant’s Division of Campus Planning and Design is in charge of designing each building and landscape on campus (not to mention regulating and maintaining all of its spectacular scenery). In honor of the OPP Division on Planning and Design, Victoria Cooper, a student in Curt Chandler’s convergence journalism class, has produced a video representing the very office that makes our campus so darn foxy.

In the video, which is featured below, Mike Lampariello, a hard-working member of the OPP, explains how Penn State architecture is not only ever-changing, but influences the very students and workers who create it.


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