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2010 has been a tough year for comedy. Mediocrity has been plentiful and so has the drama. There just hasn’t been “that” funny movie yet. If anyone can correct this most troubling of problems, surely it is Jonah Hill and Russell Brand. Jonah Hill proved his comedy chops in Superbad and Russell Brand… is Russell Brand. That’s really all that needs to be said.

The Premise: Times are tough for Pinnacle Records talent scout Aaron Green (Jonah Hill). He’s at the bottom of the corporate ladder and his girlfriend (Elisabeth Moss) has to work all hours of the day to support his uselessness. However, hope strikes in the form of rock star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand). Aldous’s life has hit the skids but Pinnacle Records is giving him the chance to turn his career around. The head of Pinnacle Records, Sergio Roma (Diddy), tasks Aaron with bringing Aldous to the comeback concert at the Greek Theatre in three days. Yes, it is the classic story of the comedy duo. Except one of them is addicted to heroin.

The Performance: I’ll admit I was skeptical going into this. Superbad was a while ago and I only knew Russell Brand from a heavily censored stand-up special. Brand killed my doubts in the opening credits and Hill buried them a scene later. They have so many funny moments together that it’s sad when they go solo for a bit. I have to give Hill credit here for not being overshadowed by Brand’s…. let’s say charisma. It’s a team effort that makes this movie as hilarious as it is.

Hill provides the necessary buffer to the lewd material (of which there is plenty). Brand keeps things from getting too serious and he is definitely the master of that. I expected Diddy to have a short but funny cameo. What I actually got was Diddy being present throughout the entire movie and almost stealing the show. Diddy almost stole the show from Russell Brand. Yeah.

Other Thoughts: The effort that went into this movie is obvious. The soundtrack is composed of a mix of real hits and songs from Aldous’s fictional band, Infant Sorrow. The music is fantastic and I’m shocked that “The Clap” and “Pound Me in the Buttox” haven’t been made until now. There is some drama mixed in here, mostly involving how terrible the music industry is. Fortunately, it seems to know it’s unwelcome and quietly lets itself out. You will laugh when you watch this movie. You will laugh after you watch this movie. You will laugh six years from now when you remember watching this movie. Get Him to the Greek may just be the funniest movie of 2010.

Final Verdict: The Russell Brand. It’s raunchy as hell and a great show because of it. It bursts with personality and stands out in a sea of cash-ins and bland. You have to see it to believe it.

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