Penn State’s Got Talent

Instead of the Airbands competition from last year (which gave too much of a Greek-sing vibe), organizations came together for the first For The Glory Homecoming talent show instead. Eisenhower Auditorium was packed with both Greek and other student organizations cheering their fellow members on.

The Lion Ambassadors took home the gold, 50 points for their organization in the homecoming competition and the opportunity to perform their “Penn State Presidents” number at THON.

Second place went to, “Space Jam”, orchestrated by Tapestry Dance Company and Sigma Tau Gamma. They received 40 points for their organizations. In third, Sigma Alpha and Theta Chi won 30 points with their portrayal of “Alice and Wonderland.” “Aladdin” gained 20 points for the Beta Theta Pi and Phi Sigma Rho fraternities. Omega Phi Alpha and Alpha Chi Rho and their version of “Shrek” took fifth place and acquired 10 points.

The rap song “I’m on a Boat” was made into a Penn State version called “I’m on a Float” by University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA) and the Council of Commonwealth Student Governments. President Christian Ragland even played the drums to set a beat in the background.

The 2010 Homecoming Court was announced and then they acted as hosts, introducing each act. They had their own chance to shine by performing two dances with numerous flips, dancing to Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” and Katy Perry’s newest hit, “Teenage Dream.”

Kappa Kappa Gamma and Sigma Chi performed a dance to Shakira, while Kappa Delta and Pi Kappa Alpha decided to reminisce about the snow last year with Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas.” Alpha Phi and Tau Delta Phi sang (well, attempted to sing) Billy Joel’s “Longest Time,” but like many failed American Idol contestants, the main singer forgot the words.

Genies popping out of bottles, cartwheels and gymnastics, people in Legends of the Hidden Temple Shirts (blue barracudas) pipes played on with drumsticks, Finding Nemo costumes, and more were found at last night’s For The Glory Homecoming talent show. Did you show off your talent?

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