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The day is finally here. TEDxPSU begins today, 10/10/10, at 10:10 a.m. at Schwab Auditorium.

We’ll be live blogging the whole event, so check back here for all the updates!

4:49… The final talk, Aliens vs. Robots, is by Tonee Ndungu, an African entrepreneur.

4:39… Hans Rosling and his amazing statistics help the audience understand how best to treat HIV/AIDS.

4:19… The great Sam Richards, “from whom every student should take a course,” will be attempting a radical experiment in empathy.

4:04… Rives, a 2.0 poet, shares some of his art with the crowd at Schwab. Ventriloquy with his iPad.

3:46… Sugata Mitra, via video, weighs in on “The Child-Based Education“.

3:33… Michael Berube on stage now discussing Humans, Superheroes, Mutants, and People with Disabilities.

3:11… We break for the last time. One more session to come. What has your favorite talk been so far?

2:49… DJ Earworm, “The King of Mashups”, takes the stage.

2:46… If you want to achieve a goal, don’t tell your friends about it. –Derek Sivers

2:40… “Why didn’t Gateway stay on top? They didn’t get lucky.”

2:32… Tony Pittman takes the stage to talk about “Why what it took to get you to the top won’t keep you there.”

2:25… Ali Carr-Chellman discusses the problems facing boys in the educational environment today.

2:03…Jill Botte’s extraordinary talk from TED2008, “Stroke of Insight” is on the big screen right now.

1:56…We have an answer! Noosphere is the collective knowledge of all living things.

1:42…Following a short video by Derek Silvers, IST Professor Richard Doyle talks about Scaling the Noosphere. We have no idea what this means either…

1:32…Back from lunch, kicking off the second set with the Penn State Jazz Combo. They’re jamming to Autumn Leaves right now.

11:55…Lunch time! We’ll be back in a bit to cover the second session.

11:43…“If terrorism almost never happens, it’s hard to judge the efficacy of counter-terrorism measures.”

11:37…“We respond to the feeling of security and not the reality.”

11:32…The last speaker of the first session is about to begin. Bruce Schneider with “Reconceptualizing Security.”

11:26…Jason O uses a loop station to layer all of his instruments in a live setting. Very impressive!

11:20…And now a musical performance by State College’s very own Jason O.

11:18…“Let’s all wish for [Barack Obama’s] own awareness of his skin pigmentation.”

11:11…“Melanin is a natural sunscreen.”

11:07…“If only Darwin had NASA!”

11:05…Next up: A prerecorded talk from Nina Jablonski, “Breaking the Illusion of Skin Color.” Watch it here.

11:03…“Be nice but don’t fake it.”

10:55…“Disregard no person.” “You cannot plan for serendipity.” Strong advice.

10:52…Now Nathan Martin with “Be Nice, Make Friends”.

10:49…“Take an interest in the education of the people who fund Social Security and Medicare as you age into it.”

10:44…“Every month, a population the same size as Pittsburgh will be eligible for Medicare.”

10:42…Next up: Chris Calkins with “The Looming Intergenerational Conflict: Dollars or Sense.”

10:35…A pre-recorded TED talk from Joachim de Posada, “Don’t Eat The Marshmallow…Yet”. Watch here.

10:33…David Calento showing prototypes of “jump boxes”, portable living spaces.

10:23…“There’s a lot of overlap [between work, play, and live]”

10:17…David Calento, the first speaker, is now on stage.

10:16…Our host Dean Brady has taken the stage.

10:12…Steve Garguilo takes the stage. “Feel free to tweet away, use social media”. Sweet deal.

10:10…It begins!

10:05…The event is starting in 5 minutes. First speaker, TEDxPSU Executive Director Steve Garguilo.

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