Landlords Express Inaction on State Patty’s Day

Last week, the Interfraternity Council and Residence Life both announced policies taking precautions against State Patty’s Day 2012. In 2011, numerous downtown bars announced that they would be closed for the student-created holiday. It remains to be seen whether they will continue this practice in three weeks. The realtors, those nexuses of student residence and State College commerce, have not announced what (if any) policies they will enact for the sixth annual State Patty’s Day. Without fraternity houses and dorm rooms to party in, apartments will become the center of debauchery to the chagrin of lifelong Happy Valley residents.

To see what downtown realtors had planned for this day of revelry, staff members of Onward State called their offices multiple times during the past week. The realtors declined to provide us information as to whether any action will be taken to restrict or prevent excessive partying on State Patty’s Day. The property manager at ARPM stated that they have not discussed the holiday, nor are there special plans made to curtail the residents’ activities. When we asked A.W. & Sons if they would like to share their plans, the secretary responded witha simple “No, thank you.” GN Realty replied, “No comment.” The Apartment Store did not return any of our phone calls.

For the sixth incarnation of State Patty’s Day, the apartments will play an integral role in facilitating alcohol consumption, which, in turn, will likely lead to an increased crime rate [PDF, best viewed on Chrome] for the weekend. While Penn State and the IFC have announced that they will work to curb the holiday’s effects, the landlords have remained silent on what policies they will enact. These residences remain the final stronghold for a weekend of recklessness for a community that has already experienced plenty of public humiliation within the past few months. State Patty’s Day will proudly endure, unless the downtown realtors decide to take action against the festivities.

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