State Patty’s Day: Make Good Choices

This is the final part of a five-part series detailing Onward State’s stance on State Patty’s Day.

The past two weeks, Onward State has let you know about where we stand on this weekend’s State Patty’s Day event. We discussed how drunken mischief will play out in the national media in light of this year’s events. We challenged you to be the competent, responsible drinkers you think you are as Penn Staters. We asked you to refrain from having your friends come for the weekend. Yesterday, in our penultimate column on the topic, we highlighted the strain State Patty’s Day puts on emergency medical services across the county.

Today, we’d like to echo something that Dr. Dennis Shea (@GTWMA1) has been saying. “You decide whether to build up or break down.” As adults, we all have this choice. In the end, nothing a blog, an email, an RA, or a professor says can control your behavior. You have to do it. Being an adult comes with freedom, like the freedom to drink as much as you want. It also, however, comes with responsibility, like the responsibility to enhance the community you live in, to leave State College a better place than when you found it.

On February 25th, keep that in mind. Be your best self.

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