Over 6,000 Students Vote at the HUB for Election

While this election has been widely discussed both on campus and on social media, many people, including myself, wondered how many students would actually show up to the polls today.

The answer: A lot.

According to the poll receipts, 6,091 students casted ballots at the HUB today, falling short of the 7,113 that voted in 2008.

3,622 (59%) students voted for President Obama. 2,257 (37%) students cast their vote for Governor Romney.

For the second election in a row, on-campus students overwhelmingly voted for Mr. Obama. In 2008, 4,692 (66%) voted for (D) Obama/Biden while 2,332 (34%) voted for (R) McCain/Palin.

Students also took favor in the newly-elected Attorney General Kathleen Kane. Kane has vowed that she will work to investigate Governor Tom Corbett in his handling of the Sandusky case. She earned 54% of the votes casted at the HUB today, blowing out her main competition, David Freed, by 21 percentage points.

Also worth noting: Backup quarterback Steven Bench (@SBench12) received one write-in vote for United States Senator.

These numbers, of course, pertain to a portion on-campus voters only. For example, students who live in North Halls (Precinct 28) voted at St. Paul’s Church in downtown State College. However, a majority of on-campus students do live in precincts that require them to vote in the HUB.

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