A Look at Penn State Winter Fashion

When the Penn State student body woke up to a blanket of snow on Wednesday morning, most of us took it as our cue to dawn our puffiest winter jacket and a pair of Uggs. As I walked to class, I was struck by how truly depressing we all looked– fifty shades of gray outfits underneath an even grayer sky. It was exactly how I imagined Soviet Russia to look. How can we possibly get through the long, cold winter ahead of us if we continue to dress like this? I set out to find the key to looking winter chic. As it turns out, the answer is simple: Statement pants!

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I met Emily McDonald in Redifer, and while she was wearing the classic winter staples, she managed to stand out with a pair of patterned leggings. Patterned leggings are very in right now and the best part is they’re super comfortable. By pairing them with a simple black v neck she managed to catch eyes without going completely overboard. The best part about Emily’s pants? They’re from Target! What a bargain!
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Next, I met Kanyinsola Y.Demola-Seriki. The only thing cooler than her name was her outfit. Winter is a time for neutrals, but if your outfit has no pop you’ll just end up looking boring. Kanyinsola wore her mother’s gray sweater, a pair of black Urban boots, and an Express button down. What pulled the outfit together, however, was her burgundy American Eagle jeans. Colored jeans were very big this summer and luckily, they continued as a winter trend. The pop of burgundy tied all of the neutrals together and added a twist!


My friend Brecken Hart also jumped on the statement pants bandwagon! Her patterned jeans, once again from American Eagle, are the less comfortable but equally stylish version of patterned leggings. Denim has recently made a comeback and floral adds a cool twist. It also serves as a reminder that spring is on its way. Brecken opted for a plain blazer on top to keep the outfit from going overboard. With a pair of patterned pants, accessories aren’t even necessary. The pants do the talking!

So, with the temperature dropping to a painful 19 degrees next week, I encourage Penn Staters to bundle up as much as possible. Cold ain’t cute! However, don’t be afraid to mix it up with a cool pair of pants. Just seeing them peek out from beneath your knee-length coat will cheer you up in this dismal weather.

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