THON 2013 Bucket List

Believe it or not, 46 hours doesn’t seem like enough time to accomplish everything THON weekend has to offer. To make it easy for you, we’ve complied a list of the top THON Must-Do’s. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or just experiencing THON for the first time, these are things you need to try.

  • Participate in Pre-Thon -– bring glowsticks!
  • Run through or be a part of the human tunnel
  • Watch the dancers stand
  • Learn the line dance from the Morale Overall
  • Get a picture with the Nittany Lion
  • Throw up the Diamond
  • Learn all the committees by their color
  • Get a Four Diamonds Child autograph
  • Meet a whole THON family
  • Get into a water gun fight with a kid
  • Find the person with the best Four Diamonds logo – in their hair!
  • Find someone with the best THON outfit (gotta have the tutu)
  • Visit your friend on the floor
  • Witness a Moraler/Dancer piggyback
  • Get a picture with someone from Star Wars
  • Eat a grilled cheese
  • Eat another grilled cheese
  • Get yelled at by R&R at least one
  • See a child open their mail during Kids’ Mail Call
  • Dance. Just Dance.
  • Watch Men’s Gymnastics in the Pep Rally
  • Wear someone’s fluffy Atlas hat or Ohana’s fish hat
  • Yell “WE ARE!”
  • Watch Tucker Haas rock out in the Kids’ Variety Show
  • Listen to at least one of Penn State’s awesome bands
  • Twerk
  • Participate in a water social
  • Hold a “big head” of your org’s dancer
  • Sing 90’s karaoke songs
  • Watch a dancer open your mail during Mail Call
  • Get “THON” trending on twitter
  • Go through the WALK
  • Watch the adorable Kids’ Fashion Show
  • Make a hot loops headband
  • Coordinate a dance in the stands
  • Watch Morale do Color Wars – THONlympics!
  • Go wild with Go Go Gadget
  • Experience the last four hours
  • Be inspired by a child’s story
  • Cry during Family Hour
  • Hold your breath when the total is announced
  • Witness the compassion college students can have
  • Realize why you love Penn State

For a full list of Special Events, Themed Events, and Random Events, visit FTK and follow @THONwardState for constant updates throughout THON 2013!

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