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AXE Body Spray launched (pun intended) a new campaign this February to promote their newest fragrance “AXE Apollo.” It features a competition through the AXE Apollo Space Academy where the winner gets a trip to – you guessed it – space!

As one often associates top space programs with odor masking aerosols, AXE announced in a promotional video that those selected will be sent to space camp in Florida for astronaut training. AXE even recruited famous ex-astronaut Buzz Aldrin to help out with the race and challenge commoners to “leave a man, come back a hero.” Sounds legit to me!

One of PSU’s very own, Nick Venditti, has entered this competition. Currently in 14th, Nick needs votes through Facebook to advance to the top. It takes two seconds to vote, and could mean big change for a Penn State student.

This new marketing promotion proves that AXE finally understands their demographic. Not only can you smell like a seventh grade boy, but you can also carry out his dream of being an astronaut.

Regardless, a trip to space won through a Facebook competition is pretty rare — so help a fellow Penn Stater out.

One small step for us, one giant leap for Nick! Help Nick and vote for him here.

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