Long Lines and Cold Temperatures Cause Health Concerns for THON Goers

With temperatures creeping down into the single digits and lines that snake around the Bryce Jordan Center leaving spectators waiting in the frigid air for hours, the health of those still trying to get into THON has shown its first signs of deterioration.

EMS staff hovered in the immediate entrance of Gate A, treating symptoms of hypothermia by applying heat packs to the ankles of weary THONers turned medical patients. Outside, the crowd shouted each time the door would open and then sigh as soon as it slammed shut with no spectators being admitted in unless they were in need of medical attention. A barrier was placed in the front of the line to control a crowd that is becoming increasingly rowdy.

A mother of one of the patient’s was concerned that THON security was more concerned with keeping out those trying to “sneak in” rather than the well-being of those who just want to catch a glimpse of one of Penn State’s proudest moments.

When Rules & Regulations discovered that I was taking pictures I was pushed out of the area due to “safety concerns.” In my opinion, I was hardly the safety concern outside of the BJC this morning.

Stay safe out there, Penn State.

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