Students Wait Hours to Enter THON

It’s Sunday at 6:00 a.m.; not a typical time for college students to be up and about, but the morning of THON Day 3 poses a completely different scenario.

Penn State students single-filed in front of the BJC seem to be in for a two and a half hour wait at least, just to get into THON 2013.

Sophomore Christie Testa, a member of Apollo, explained the current situation.

“I left at 3:30 to get here, and ended up waiting until 6:15 to get in. The line wrapped all the way down to around the baseball fields,” she said.

Testa explained that students in the line are jogging in place, performing the line dance, and getting in any sort of movement possible to withstand the cold.

“I can’t feel my feet. I thought my toes were going to fall off, like actually. People out there think they are frostbitten,” Testa said.

However, despite the freezing temperatures and daunting lines, Testa commented that not many people left their spots and almost everyone seemed determined to wait it out.

“I really wanted to be here. I kept thinking ‘oh, it won’t be that much longer’ and whenever the line moved a little bit it would give me hope to stay,” Testa said. “But then I realized it was kind of false hope; they didn’t even open the doors until just a little while ago. I think the forward movement was students clumping together to get warmer.”

Seems as if those anticipating spending their Sunday at the final hours of THON will have to do some serious planning ahead or spend hours outside in hopes of making it inside.

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