The 26 GIFs That (even more) Perfectly Describe Penn State

A post by that has been shared quite a bit on social media lately attempts to outline “Top 25 GIFs that Perfectly Describe Penn State.” While they did a good job, we feel like some key Penn State staples were missing. Therefore, we’ve created the top 26 GIFs that– a little more perfectly– describe Penn State.

1). Your First Trip to the Creamery


2). Waiting for Football Tickets

angel crashing

3). The Food in East Commons

food in east

4). Beaver Ave. on a Friday Night

beaver ave

5). When The New Stall Stories Is Published

 new stall stories

6). Making it the Whole Year Without Going to UHS

 conan bowing

7). Those who Inhabit the White Building

the white building

8). Awkward White Loop Rides


9). Walking Past Campus Construction

 seeing construction

10).When Someone Says They Purposely Schedule 8 a.m.’s

didnt get fbtix

11). The First Time You Try a West Cookie


12). When Someone Makes a Sandusky Joke (and Thinks They’re Original)


13). Realizing State College Only Has Two Seasons


14).Living “Just Outside” of Philadelphia or Pittsburgh


15). After the Mifflin Streak


16). The Crowd During Football Games


17).The Predictably Unpredictable Weather


18). The Campus Wildlife


19). The General Opinion Of The Media

 the media

20). Sunday Brunch at Pollock


21). Concerts at the BJC

 BJC concerts

22). $1 Canyon Pizza


23). Realizing You Lost Your PSU ID


24). Whenever Someone Mentions ‘Graduation’


25). The Beauty of THON


26). Every Time You Come Back


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