Movin’ On’s First 2014 Survey Released

Movin’ On, Penn State’s annual spring music festival, has released its first student survey for its 2014 concert.

The survey asks students two simple questions: what three acts you would like to see at Movin’ On 2014, and if you’ve ever attended the concert before. It is used to craft Movin’ On’s second survey, which will be released later in the semester, and features a list of potential acts for the concert that we can all vote on.

Of course, just because acts are on the second survey doesn’t necessarily mean they will be the acts that perform. In 2013’s second poll, only one band that made the list performed: MGMT.

For those that have never attended, Movin’ On is a free concert held on the last day of spring classes and is held near Jeffrey Field. In the past, it has attracted major acts like Run DMC, Fall Out Boy, and Ludacris, among countless others.

While it will be hard to top 2013’s concert — MGMT headlined, major acts like Big Boi and Brand New performed, and lesser-known bands like Gloriana and Kids These Days filled out the card — make sure you vote (for Turquoise Jeep) so Movin’ On 2014 will be its best yet.

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