10 Best Things About Fall at Penn State

Fall is here, which makes our beautiful campus even more beautiful — as if that were possible — while bringing out some of the greatest things Penn State has to offer. Here are our ten best things about fall in scenic State College.

1. THON Canning Weekends

Cue your excitement.

2. The weather is normal – for now.

3. Fall TV has returned.

See that? That’s your social life in the form of Peter Griffin and it’s falling down the stairs. The TV shows are just too good.

4. Every restaurant serves pumpkin something.

5. Perfect Penn State leaf piles.

Nothing’s better than watching a Siberian husky freak out over a pile of leaves. If only we all could feel this kind of joy when we see a leaf pile. (Oh wait, I do.)

6. Hayrides

Maybe you really hate them.

Or maybe you embrace them and love them with every fiber of your soul.

7. Finding the perfect group costume for Halloween.

If only every group had a Justin Timberlake.

8. Pumpkin Spice Lattes

9. Football

College and professional football, man. It can really get to you.

10. How beautiful Old Main looks.

old main fall

We really do go to a beautiful school.

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Sarah Peterson is a junior from Bethlehem, PA majoring in print journalism and minoring in reruns of Breaking Bad and traveling everywhere she possibly can.


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