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Halloween DIY: Penn State Celebrity Edition

At a school of 40,000, it’s hard to stand out. This Halloween, channel the spirit of our campus celebs to get a feel for what it’s like to be Penn State famous. Not sure how? No worries, we thought of the best DIY Penn State Celebrity costumes.

PSU Boombox Guy: If you’re looking to bump some great tunes and pick up a ton of chicks (or at least tweet at them), Boombox Guy is the costume for you.


What You Need:

  • Boombox (obviously)
  • Clothes can vary: In this photo, Boombox guy is sporting Penn State gear, but he has also been seen on the White Loop in much classier attire (button ups, sweater vests, etc.) His signature look is his custom blue and white Michael Jackson thriller jacket, but that’s probably out of your price range and won’t get here in time.
  • Swag. Swag will really sell it.


Squirrel Girl: If you want to be tagged in as many Facebook pics as possible the day after Halloween, be Mary Krupa. She’s awesome and everyone will know who you are.

Mary Krupa

What You Need:

  • A Zip Up (Preferably Purple).
  • Some Sort of Squirrel Accessory: You probably can’t make squirrel hats and/or connect with the actual critters quite like Squirrel Girl herself, but a squirrel stuffed animal or cut out will get the point across.


Sneezy the Squirrel: If you’re taking the whole “sexy cat” approach this Halloween, that is the exact reason you aren’t famous enough to be in this post. BE ORIGINAL. If you want to be an animal, be a squirrel. If you want to be a cool squirrel, be Sneezy.

Chef Sneezy

What You Need

  • A Squirrel Suit (Walmart didn’t have this, but you can ask this guy where he got his).
  • A cute hat like the ones Mary makes for Sneezy.
  • The ability to make squirrel noises that sound like sneezes.
  • Eat a lot of peanuts. (Steal some from Five Guys?)


**If you and your BFF/roommate/significant other are looking to go as a pair, being Squirrel Girl and Sneezy is an excellent option. **

Matt Freeman the Feature Twirler: MATT. FREEMAN. ROCKS. This authentic Student Section video says it all.


(Editors note: You could also go as this year’s feature twirler Rachel Reiss.)

What You Need:

  • A Penn State outfit covered in sequins, sequins, and more sequins.
  • A Baton (the fire part is not recommended, but give it a try if you’re feeling risky).


Afro Kid: Tanner Beck is famous solely for his hair which is more than I have achieved in my life thus far.


What You Need:

  • An afro (Walmart also didn’t have this, so don’t waste your time there).
  • Some sort of Penn State attire to distinguish you from other Afro icons (Afro Man, LMFAO, sometimes Drake)

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t want a picture of myself in an afro all over the internet. Sorry guys.

Willard Preacher:  No guarantees that anyone will let you into their party if you choose to be the Willard Preacher.


What You Need:

  • Red sweatshirt and jeans; bonus points for the white sneakers.
  • Something religious so that people know you’re not just a guy in a red sweatshirt.
  • Persistence. The Willard Preacher stands outside EVERY SINGLE DAY and talks to a bunch of people who don’t listen to him, yet still keeps going back. Have you ever thought about that?


Penn State Lives Here: This phrase is trendy right now.

(Editors note: This phrase isn’t really trendy in 2014. It would be a cool retro costume, however.)

What You Need:

  • Literally just live here.


Any other ideas we forgot? Let us know in the comments!

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