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Halloweekend Prop Bets: The Results

Halloweekend has come to a close whether you like it or not. We saw some popular page-worthy costumes, won against Illinois, and definitely didn’t go to class on Friday.

But how did our prop bets do? Let’s find out!

Costume-Related Bets

  • How many people will dress up like Miley Cyrus for Halloween?

I really didn’t see very many VMA Miley costumes, but I did see plenty of wrecking balls. And even the “23” music video Miley! Shoot. Well, regardless of which Miley you were, there were a lot of you.

Miley Cyrus 23

My prediction: 993 humans

The results: Based solely on our Overseen on Halloween post, I’m gonna say I was right. Basic bitches were lining up to put their hair up into two tiny buns and stick their tongue out all night. You go Glen Coco.

  • How many people will dress like JoePa?

I didn’t see any JoePa’s this weekend, except for this guy.

My prediction: 230 people

The results: The under was probably correct, but in my heart, there were 409 JoePa’s.

  • How many Breaking Bad Walt and Jesse couple costumes will there be?

This definitely was a big winner. I knew some people who didn’t even go with a Walt and straight up went solo as Jesse! Determination!

Breaking Bad

Also, these babies….

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 8.22.55 AM

My prediction: 300 couples

The results: Honestly, it was probably more than 300. Breaking Bad was a safe choice.

  • How many fraternities and sororities will make their pledges dress as oompah loompahs?

This did not play out like I thought it would. Is Willy Wonka officially dated? Did it die and go to meme heaven?

My prediction: Three fraternities

The results: Fairly certain it was zero. Womp.

  • How many students will be dressed as minions? 

Minions was a great call. Not only was this a popular group costume, but it also allowed for a “slutty” version, which really just meant short-shorts and crop tops. Both of which are a common part of Penn State nightlife anyway.

My prediction: 350 minions

The results: How interesting! Exactly 350 students were minions at University Park! I know this to be a fact.

Crime-Related Bets

  • How many people will puke on the White Loop?

White Loop

My prediction: 500 students

The results: 499 freshmen

  • How many underages will be handed out?

Although Halloween is a shit show and no one is staying in the watch Hocus Pocus, the debauchery levels don’t reach State Patty’s Day heights.

My prediction: 20 underages

The results: We haven’t gotten the numbers yet, but this Daily Collegian crime log is pretty tame.

Other Halloween Bets

  • Will more students dress up on Thursday or this weekend? 

While Friday definitely came to play, there’s no doubt Thursday was the winner. The game on Saturday left everyone hungover, still in their blue and white and Friday just didn’t have the same amount of excitement that was buzzing on Thursday.

grillers halloween

My prediction: Thursday

The results: Thursday. If you think I’m wrong, see me for a knuckle sandwich! Just kidding. I’m still right.

  • How many times will What Does the Fox Say play?


  • What will be the ratio between Miley at the VMAs vs. Miley in Wrecking Ball?

As discussed earlier in the post, weird bear leotards were few and far between. Wrecking ball really was the majority.


My prediction: 3:2 Wrecking Ball

The results: Wrecking Ball

  • How many people will walk of shame in their costumes?

I luckily did not see many guys or girls walk of shaming, but the few that I did see walked right through my backyard. Thanks guys.

My prediction: 200 students

The results: Under 200

  • How many nights this weekend will Boombox Guy wear his Michael Jackson jacket?

I am sad to say I was dead. wrong. BBG was Dr. King Schultz from D’Jango and apparently won a trip to Vegas thanks to Kildare’s costume contest. Only in State College…

Boombox Guy

My prediction: All three nights

The results: NO NIGHTS AT ALL.

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