The HUB is Not a Movie Theater…For Now

Due to a tragic technological malfunction in the HUB auditorium, the weekly ARHS-sponsored movies and other media will not be showed to the student populace, or anyone interested, until next semester.

This means no crashing in front of the big screen for the next two weeks, and by extension all of us Twilight die-hards will have to go over a month before we can root for Team Jacob once again.

According to Mary Edgington, the Senior Director of Student Affairs, there is a circuit board in the projector that’s been spazzing out since mid-October, preventing the light bulb from working properly. This has proven to be a serious travesty for movie-lovers and Late Night attendees alike.

But hope is not yet lost, as the projector is supposed to be repaired over this coming winter break, and they’ll be ordering a spare in case anything this cataclysmic happens again.

The HUB “Late Night” movies are a popular and (ideally) sober event hosted every week from Thursday to Saturday, in hopes of providing an alternative to the shenanigans that happen in the many fraternities, apartments, or bars scattered across State College.

Other movies like Avatar, Inception, Batman, and Toy Story 3 have all made appearances at Late Night, and promises have been made of continued quality viewings for students here at University Park.

When the movies are back this coming January, make sure to check out Late Night for some prodigious production and sick cinematography.

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