DOTD: Penn State Fan Challenges Bill O’Brien to a Cage Match

You may remember Marlin Groce, the Penn State fan behind the blog/YouTube channel “TheMarlinShow.” We sat down for 10 questions with him after his video calling out the Penn State football team after its 44-24 loss to Indiana hit the Internet.

Being a self-described Penn State superfan, Marlin didn’t take now-former football coach Bill O’Brien’s decision to leave for the Houston Texans very well. So Marlin enlisted the help of one of his friends, who calls himself “The Funkster,” to cut a C.M. Punk-esque WWE promo and challenge Bill O’Brien to a no-holds barred steel cage match before he leaves Happy Valley for good.

“In Texas, they may have the death penalty, but The Funkster, he has, THE FUNK PENALTY!” The Funkster screams. “And that is way, way worse!”

While we highly doubt O’Brien will accept this challenge, let’s face it, we all want to see it happen. Here it is, your Distraction of the Day.

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