Day: January 23, 2014

James Franklin to Host National Signing Day Event

James Franklin's heavy emphasis on recruiting will culminate into a Bryce Jordan Center program on National Signing Day next month, dubbed "The Signature Event" by the athletic department (Get it?).

No Joint Agreement Met for State Patty’s Day Bar Closures, Some Will Remain Open

Despite a full-court press by the Office of Student Affairs and VP Damon Sims, it's looking more and more like downtown tavern owners will not reach a joint agreement to close down all bars. UPUA Vice President Brenden Dooley said that, after meeting with several downtown tavern owners, it appears that at least some bars will remain open on State Patty's Day March 1.

Jurassic Park at University Park

Penn State's University Libraries has officially made their most important acquisition since the mesozoic era. Penn State alumnus Chip Kidd, referred to by USA Today as the “the closest thing to a rock star in graphic design,” is donating his archives to the University. Kidd is most well known for designing the nostalgia-inducing Jurassic Park logo. Some believe that it was Jeff Goldblum's acting that made the movie what it was, while others attributed its success to the killer theme song. In the end, we all know it was Kidd's logo that made the movie what it was, and so, Penn State claims another victory.

10 Tips for Surviving the Icepocalypse

Freezing temperatures are nothing new for State College, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less annoying. Here are some tips for surviving the icepocalypse.

Meet the THON 2014 Directors: Patrick Lafferty, Technology Director

In the last of our Meet the THON 2014 Directors series, we sat down with Technology Director Patrick Lafferty to discuss the role of Technology in THON.

James Franklin Honors Paterno On Second Anniversary of Death

While Franklin and O'Brien both took over the program at very different times --both internally and externally-- even in the early going it is apparent that Franklin is taking a very different approach to the "Paterno situation." Where his predecessor had to dance around the conflict, Franklin is walking right up to it and smiling.

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