GetStudyRoom Actually Wants to Log On to ANGEL

If you’ve logged onto ANGEL in the past week, you may have seen a warning about a website called According to a University release, “ has been capturing and exploiting confidential information from Penn State students, faculty and staff in order to gain access to ANGEL.”

The website is meant to connect with classmates in order to share information. According to their site, the site currently boasts more than 60,000 users. In an effort to get more, the website has been prompting users to enter their Penn State e-mail and password in order to gain access to your ANGEL account and invite your classmates on your behalf.

Clearly, the people behind the site have never actually logged onto ANGEL to know how awful our course management system truly is, but nevertheless your information might be compromised if you created a profile with your Penn State e-mail within the past few weeks.

While this will have little tangible impact on anyone who didn’t sign up for the service, you may be getting a few more spam e-mails than usual for the next few weeks. If you did happen to give your password, the University recommends you change it immediately, before they force you to anyway later this year.

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