Distraction of the Day: Bill O’Brien’s Press Conferences Are Still The Best

Aside from being a great coach and wordsmith during his time as head coach in Happy Valley, Bill O’Brien always knew how to hold a damn fine press conference. Damn fine.

He said what was on his mind, sometimes at the cost of good PR, called media members by their first names and “busted their chops” once pressers ended, and just seemed, dare I say, unscripted. That was the best part of it — coaches can’t answer every question directly in their lines of work, but when you can at least tell they’re trying, you’ve gotta respect it.

So in case anyone was wondering if the old ball coach clammed up under the stresses on an NFL coaching job, fear not! After his Houston Texans lost a sloppy one to the Pittsburgh Steelers last night, O’Brien met with the media and was his good ol’ self, plus some angst.

Wait, did anyone catch if O’Brien thinks it’s negative to lose?


“O’Brien raised his voice several times in a tense postgame encounter with the media. His eyes told the story of a coach who had run the emotional gauntlet in the four hours before he reached the podium,” writes NFL.com’s Dan Hanzus, as you can see:

Hey, can’t blame him. In one two-minute period, the Texans went from winning 13-0 to losing 17-13, somehow. Good to see BO’B is still entertaining the media, though.

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