Kappa Kappa Gamma And Delta Chi Floor Passes Suspended

THON suspended Kappa Kappa Gamma’s and Delta Chi’s floor passes for 12 hours after an incident in which they were reportedly too aggressively setting up their section at THON.

According to Delta Chi THON chair Anthony Mancini, another organization told a Rules & Regulations member that Kappa Kappa Gamma and Delta Chi were being too aggressive when they were initially grabbing their spot in the BJC. This suspension follows a dramatic changing of sections earlier this weekend.

“When we were [first] trying to get the section, there’s always a little bit of confrontation,” he said.

The two organizations have seven dancers in total. Mancini said they are trying to do everything they can from the stands to keep their dancers in good spirits until they are allowed to go on the floor to see them. The suspension went in effect about eight hours ago, according to Mancini.

Some of the dancers’ parents have been told they can’t visit their children on the floor, but Mancini said they are currently working with THON to discuss special cases in which some particular people should be let on the floor. “When you just drove six hours to see your daughter, you should be able to go on the floor,” Mancini said.

Kappa Kappa Gamma has five independent dancers and Delta Chi has one independent dancer. The floor passes for these independent dancers haven’t been affected.

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