The Best Hats Of THON 2015

Each year at THON, within the bursting colors and flashing lights, is a collective goldmine of vibrant accessories and colorful clothes. But out of all the flashy items seen throughout the bustling Bryce Jordan Center, you’ll find my personal favorite: lots of awesome hats.


After a brief stroll through the BJC concourse, it didn’t take long to see a wide array of flashy hats donned by those in attendance.

We’ll begin with the ever-classic Ash Ketchum trucker hat. Growing up a Pokemon fan, this one hits home for me. It’s as iconic as it is stylish, and I applaud those brave students for making a fashion statement.

The next hat to catch my eye was a pair of classic white sailor hats. Not too flashy, not too simple, but just the right amount of style.

Bright, vibrant colors go hand in hand with THON, and this next hat was the perfect example of what a THON hat should look like: a bright orange top hat! Bold statement, orange top hat man, but I like it! Here are a few others I found interesting–including an awesome costume!

photo 2

photo 3

As I continued my leisurely stroll down the concourse, I happened to come across one of the most unique, er, hats I’ve seen in my life. It was a life-size replica of the iconic Deadmau5 helmet, donned by the world famous DJ. Not too sure how this guy pulled that one off, but major props your way, my man.

I decided to venture off the concourse to see what I could find in the stands, and boy did I find some sweet hats. Out of all the various headwear items, the rainbow colored pinwheel hats stood out the most. Nothing says “mid- to late 1990s” quite like these babies.

photo 1

We also spotted a gigantic version of the typical pink, fuzzy Atlas hat. A Four Diamonds child’s mother spent three weeks making the hate so that her family would always be able to spot its second family in the stands. You can read more about the hat here, but check out a photo of the monstrosity below:


Buried within the sea of hats sits what I believe to be, hands down, the coolest hat I’ve seen at THON. Ever. It’s just a guy wearing a red baseball cap. Mind you though, this is no ordinary baseball cap. That’s because this one had a fish coming out of the front! Now that is about as original as it gets, so Mr. Fish hat guy, hats off to you — no pun intended.

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