Natty Nittany: THON 2015 Edition

With THON in full swing, it is not hard to spot dancers who have gone all out in their outfit choices. Anyone can rock a tutu or high socks, but some people just do it better than others. That’s why, in this edition of Natty Nittany, we took to the floor to find some of the funkiest outfits of this year. Here are the best of the best:

Kristin Dobransky

Natty Nittany 3

Kristin is a sophomore and is majoring in management. Her favorite part of THON so far has been the line dances and how they give everyone a sense of unity every time the Dancer Relation captains go to the stage. She is holding up her diamonds for her organization, Altoona Benefiting THON. With a happy smile and some awesome shorts, Kristin had some nice style choices for outfit wear this year.

Sean Connelly and Maddy Mulert

Natty Nittany 4

This lovely duo consists of sophomore Sean and junior Maddy. Sean is majoring in Education Public Policy and really enjoys interacting with their organization’s THON family throughout his time dancing. Maddy, majoring in Labor and Employment Relations, likes the fact that because Penn State is such a large campus that when THON comes together she gets to see people she hasn’t seen in awhile and can celebrate with them in one huge party. Both look mighty comfortable as they dance for Essences of Joy .

Samantha Glancey

Natty Nittany 1

Samantha, who is among the select few that are dancing as a freshman this year, is representing Penn State York Commonwealth. In one look, we knew that Samantha had a stunning outfit because of all the accessories that she was rocking. The Psychology major says her favorite part is dancing in memory of her brother, Daniel, who passed away when Samantha was five years old.  She has her brother’s name written on her arm, which is just another reason why her outfit is so great!

Justin Stoner

Natty Nittany 2

Justin, a sophomore, is our last and final dancer for Natty Nittany. Justin has no issue rocking a bright yellow tutu as he dances for Penn State Schuykill. An accounting major, Justin’s favorite part of THON so far has been going canning to help raise money for the Four Diamonds Fund.

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