Orgs In Portal 104 Forced To Relocate To Upper Deck

Let’s play a game! If you’re in the BJC right now, look around and figure out which portal is not like the rest. If you answered 104, the empty one right behind the giant 2015 banner by the floor, you’re right! We investigated where all the folks from portal 104 were, while everyone else in the BJC is rocking out to My Hero Zero.

According to a few leftover org members, the groups in section 104 were just told they had to relocate to make room for Four Diamonds families. Those families, of course, deserve great seats for the final four hours. But, the orgs who were told by R & R captains to pack their bags, were sent to the upper deck with no warning.

Is it fair? No. Is it probably a logistical oversight that should be corrected next year? Let’s hope so.

Photo: Alex Bauer

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