State College Spikes Apologize For Questionable Corey Feldman Performance

The State College Spikes issued an apology on Monday for the bizarre Corey Feldman appearance at Medlar Field Sunday night. During this “performance,” Feldman appeared dressed in a Michael Jackson-inspired outfit consisting of a leather jacket, sequined pants, and a matching hat, while his band was dressed in risqué angel-wings and white bras.

Feldman, who was the child star of 80s movies including “The Lost Boys,” “The Goonies,” “Stand By Me,” and “Gremlins,” has attempted to start a successful music career with his band Truth Movement…since 1994. Unfortunately for Feldman, according to one editor of the child celeb’s Wikipedia page, his music career “came to an end” Sunday night since “[A Spike’s game is] where most careers go to die.”


Since this is more than likely just a shameless act of Wikipedia vandalism, we cannot judge Feldman’s performance purely off one internet troll. However, one lucky spectator was fortunate enough to capture his performance of “Angelic to the Core” on video, so you can judge the show for yourself!

“RIP Corey.”

(h/t Complex Sports)

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