Penn State Females Rank No. 23 Most Right-Swiped On Tinder

For all you Tinder fanatics out there, we come bearing good news. Penn State females have made the top 50 list of the most right-swiped campuses, coming in at No. 23. This information comes out of an inaugural list published by Tinder, which ranked college campuses that have the most right-swipes per gender.

Penn State is certainly no stranger to lists that tell us how good we are at being a fun place to attend college and how much better we are than other schools when it comes to odd criteria, and this ranking is no different. At No. 23, Penn State females were the third highest Big Ten school ranked, out-ranked only by the likes of Indiana University (No. 12) and the University of Iowa (No. 10). Also worth noting, Penn State is the highest ranked in Pennsylvania (for females) and Pitt didn’t even make the top 50 for males or females (#dominatethestate).

The data was collected during the spring of 2015. Tinder took into account the amount of right-swipes each school received between the ages of 18-23 and then compared that number to the number of students attending the respective university.

Although Penn State females ranked No. 23, Penn State males failed make to make the top 50. This could possibly be attributed to the fact that a majority of male schools that ranked were private, with the top four all being religiously affiliated schools and the military academies in the top ten. Meanwhile females had an advantage with 9 out of 10 ranked campuses being public.

They really can pull rankings out of just about anything. So don’t feel bad, boys — we know you’re swipe-worthy. Congrats girls, and everyone keep on swiping!

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