Bald No More: Potential Hairstyles On James Franklin

Aside from taking two pills to calm his stomach, Head Coach James Franklin has an easy pregame routine because he doesn’t have to worry about doing his hair (like Saeed Blacknall). But we couldn’t help ourselves and decided to try a few different hairstyles on everyone’s favorite bald coach.

Will Smith Flat Top

Wish you could be the Fresh Prince of Penn State? Try the famous Will Smith flat top.

Monk Hair

Looking to have some holy hair for Sundays? How about the Friar Monk look?

Justin Timberlake

Were you really into NSYNC? See how you look in Justin Timberlake’s Ramen Noodle looking hair style.

Emo Hair

Are you feeling really angsty and like the world is against you?  Feed that emotion with the classic emo haircut.

Don King

Are you ready to rumble? Try out Boxing Promoter Don King’s wicked hair-do.

Dennis Rodman Hair

Ever dreamt of playing basketball with Michael Jordan or representing the United States to North Korea? Have some crazy colored Dennis Rodman hair.


Maybe Dennis Rodman’s hair isn’t working and you’d like to try another basketball player’s hair? Pull all your hair into a mohawk and go for the Birdman (Chris Anderson) hairstyle.

Goku Hair

Ever felt like you just need to go Super Sayn? Then go right ahead, with Goku’s hair from Dragon Ball Z.

Fabio Hair

Want that famous flowing and glowing man mane? Flip on the Fabio hair.

Donald Trump

Feeling like pulling off the wealthy politician look? Try on Donald Trump’s fly away combover.

The Weekend Hair

Can’t feel your face? It’s most likely because you’ll be sporting the crazy hairstyle worn by musician the Weeknd.

Afro Kid

Ever wish you were Penn State’s very own Afro Kid? Well, envy no more.

Come to think of it…just stick to being bald.

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