Callao Cafe Plans To Close Its Doors In March

For breakfast lovers in the State College area, it will be a sad day when March 1 rolls around.

Callao Cafe, a hidden gem among locals, plans to close its doors if it is unable to find someone to sell the crepe eatery to, according to the Centre Daily Times.

Found on Aaron Drive, Callao Cafe is situated off the beaten path and is known for its authentic French-style crepe entrees. Oozing vibrancy and a unique atmosphere, it is the perfect location for either a mid-day snack or enjoying a relaxing Sunday morning breakfast. The creperie is dedicated to serving gluten-free dishes, the wide-range of breakfast crepes featuring fresh fruit, Nutella, honey, and various other types of sweet toppings is not only sweet and savory, but one of a kind. Also serving lunch, the cafe features crepes with a luncheon twist and prides itself on serving gourmet coffee and espresso.

David Price, the owner of the cafe, has cited “health reasons” as to why he will close his doors, the CDT says. Due to aging pains as well as wear and tear, he feels that this is the right time to cease operations but he continues to hold on to hope that someone can continue the business. The restaurant will resume normal hours and retain its menu until its closing date.

If you are looking for a new spot outside of the Waffle Shop for breakfast, delve into the deliciousness that is Callao Cafe’s crepes. But act fast because, before you know it, the beloved cafe will be gone.

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