[Video] Professors Read Their Rate My Professor Reviews

Video by: Maggie Wrobel and Carolyn Popescu

When it comes to scheduling a class, you probably have your own game plan. Before taking the plunge and clicking “add class” to your schedule, oftentimes the most important question is who’s the professor?

College students go through careful research to ensure their schedule is top-notch. Rate My Professor is a popular website used by students to research potential professors.

So how do Penn State professors stack up? We reached out to dozens of professor and requested they read aloud their own reviews. Of course we received a few nasty replies, but a handful were on board.

Behold: Penn State Professors reading their Rate My Professor reviews. Their reactions? Priceless.

A huge thanks to professors Curt Chandler, Andrew Read, Sam Richards, Patricia Kleban, Paul Kellermann, and Dave Winterich for being good sports and participating. 

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