Open Mic Club Hosts Fourth Annual Rap Battle This Week

Calling all wanna-be Kanyes!

The fourth annual Penn State rap battle is coming to campus this week. The Open Mic club is hosting the event on February 26 at 6:30 p.m. in 105 Forum. Admission is just $1.

President of the Open Mic club Louie Petrone is in charge of running the rap battle. He described the event as “basically one of the rawest forms of a hip hop show on Penn State’s campus.”

The competition is organized into a bracket tournament where artists will compete directly against one another. The tournament is best two-out-of-three, and the winner of the round moves on.

“The rounds consist of using hip hop skills by creatively making punchlines focused at your opponent to try and one-up them,” Petrone said. “The competitors are strongly encouraged to get the crowd hyped and involved.”

The winner is determined by a panel of unbiased judges.

The rap battle holds several purposes, but one of Pertrone’s main goals is to draw people in. He wants the Forum to be full for the show. “We want people to enjoy it and want them to ask when the next one is,” Petrone said. The other goal is to bring in new members. The Open Mic club only consists of six students, so they hope that events like this draw in new members.

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