DOTD: Alpha Gamma Rho Has A Pretty Lit Tumblr

If you’re a basic sorority girl like myself, you know that Tumblr is like so dope. Home of photos, filters, and clichéd pop music, Tumblr is literally the best place to show off how fab you and your sisters are; and AGR has taken notice.

The brothers of Alpha Gamma Rho created a sorority-inspired Tumblr, complete with bubbles, sparkles, and (obviously) puppies.

Alpha Gamma Rho AGR tumblrWhat’s a Tumblr without puppies? (Photo: AGR Tumblr)

While Tumblr blogs are normally only associated with sororities, AGR has broken down that barrier and shown Penn State that sorority girls are not the only ones who can proudly throw up their diamonds on Tumblr to the tune of “Hide Away” and “Hold My Hand.”

Alpha Gamma Rho AGR tumblr(Photo: AGR Tumblr)

AGR’s Tumblr includes links to recruitment info, Nationals, and their Instagram, much like other sorority Tumblrs. However, AGR knows how to give the folks what they really want and included a link to in the header as well.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 10.13.58 PMWell done, Gentlemen. Well done.

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