Berkey Creamery Improves Allergen Awareness With Extra Food Safety Measures

Suffering from an allergy can be awfully tedious, as one needs to constantly search and make sure that his foods are safe to eat. Well, the holy grail of all ice cream, also known as the Berkey Creamery, has now improved its procedures and offers specialty service to those who suffer from food-related allergies. To go along with the new and improved layout, Creamery customers now have the option of receiving their ice cream free of their specific allergen upon request.

“The allergy [protocols] before we did the renovations were really inefficient because we had to go all the way to the back. We knew we had to improve our sanitary precautions and be more responsible with our allergen protection procedures,” a creamery employee said. She also stated that one of the major focuses of the new renovation was to reduce the threat of cross contamination in their procedures.

Customers who wish to make sure their ice cream is handled with the utmost care just need to state that they have an allergy, and the cashier will follow up about the specifics. Customers will be directed to the very end of the counter where the ice cream will be specially handled before it’s distributed. Behind the counter, the staff takes special care to wash their hands and use the allergen-friendly scoops. The ice cream is selected from a specialty freezer, free of cross contamination. The staff will then announce the flavor followed by the specific allergy, and the cone will be ready to go — free of allergens and full of deliciousness.

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