[Photo Story] Spring Has Sprung Around Campus

Grab that allergy medicine and try your best to dress for the unpredictable weather — spring has arrived on campus. With winter on its way out, flowers have begun to bloom and the birds have begun to sing again. To celebrate, we decided to photograph these telltale signs of early spring.

Spring Campus Business Building
Shades of pink can be spotted all around campus as the leaves begin to blossom.
Two ducks take a dip in the pond by the Hintz Alumni Center.
A sun that sets later allows more outside social time for students.
A sun that sets later allows students to spend more time outside.
While some trees are still bare, the green grass and the warm air makes walking to class enjoyable again.
While some trees are still bare, green grass and the warm air make walking to class enjoyable again.
Daffodils bring little hints of yellow for all of campus to see.
An underrated area, the Hintz Alumni Center has plenty of beautiful spots to enjoy spring.
Onlookers watch as students pass in front of Eisenhower.
Spring Campus Old Main
Early buds of leaves appear on the trees between Old Main and the Library.

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Dana Lipshutz is a junior majoring in Graphic Design who comes from the typical “right outside of Philly” town of Warrington. She is the friend that takes all the pictures but never makes it into any of the cool photos. She overuses the word ‘hooligan’ and likes Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips and raspberry ice tea a bit too much. You can email her at [email protected] or you can follow her @DanaLipshutz however it’s mostly just retweets of Beyoncé gifs/memes.


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