UPUA Letter Of Commendation To The Penn State Alumni Association For Supporting Class Gift

Since 1861, the Penn State Class Gift Campaign has provided graduating seniors the opportunity to leave an enduring legacy. By dedicating their time and financial resources towards the Class Gift, seniors are able to immortalize their time on campus and continue one of Penn State’s most cherished traditions.

On October 14, 2015, the Class Gift Campaign announced that the Class of 2016 had chosen to create an endowment fund to support Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). The total amount raised by the Class of 2016 will be invested long-term and yield 4.5 percent annual interest.

This interest on the investment will be made available to CAPS each year in perpetuity. Thus, the amount that CAPS receives each year is directly proportional to the total amount raised by the Class Gift Campaign.

On April 26, 2016 the Penn State Alumni Association pledged to donate up to $200,000 to match contributions to this year’s gift. To date the Class Gift has raised approximately $125,000 in support of the endowment, leaving $75,000 in unmatched funds. The contribution from the Penn State Alumni Association is the largest in the history of the Class Gift Campaign.

The University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA), on behalf of the University Park undergraduate student body, commends the Penn State Alumni Association for its generosity and willingness to support such an important cause. The UPUA recognizes and appreciates the Alumni Association’s interest in promoting student wellbeing for decades to come. We will support the Class Gift Campaign by advertising the campaign and encouraging more students to donate so the Class Gift can reach its matchable goal.

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